BOC Elegance


Bank of Ceylon is a bank for all Sri Lankans from different walks of life. When they introduced the launch of their Elegance Account, an exclusive product for the crème de la crème of society, it was crucial that the brand identity of it had to set itself apart from the rest of the products the bank offered.


The personality of the account demanded that the brand identity reflect the stature and grandiosity; a reflection of the lifestyle of its clientele.


A cultural observation served as inspiration for the project. Across all civilizations, animals were used as symbols of prosperity and opulence, often associated with royalty. The imagery of koi fish, horses, and peacocks was used along with their rich hues of blues, green and gold that created an impression of success and wealth; a belief shared with the clients of the account.


The elements of identity were kept consistent through each touch point, from debit and credit cards, app user interface and interior décor of the customer service centres for Elegance Account holders, creating a holistic image of exclusivity that was offered to its clients.

Agency : Momentus Sri Lanka