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London Spice Dry Gin


When London Spice Dry Gin, a local brand of gin, was introduced to the market, what stood it apart from the rest of the brands was that while it offered the goodness of gin, as made by the British, it was given a local touch with the use of local spice.

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British first drank their gin while combatting the Spanish in 1618 as an elixir to calm nerves. It was brought to Sri Lanka during the Great Rebellion of Uva Wellassa and later, at the Kandyan Battle in 1817. Soon, local warfarers started drinking gin.


This concoction is a symbol of the island’s relationship with the British during the time of colonization; a result of the clash of two cultures and its powerful story had to be told through the brand identity of London Spice Gin.


Recognizing the powerful role battlegrounds played in the story of the brand, as well as the later found connection with the British, the brand identity of London Spice Dry Gin was created.

Agency: Momentus Sri lanka

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